How Often we say, I do... I do... I do!

Where will the Wedding be in 2023?


We need to start by pointing out that December 18, 2023 will actually be our 33rd Anniversary.  We ARE the "In Love" couple who gets married every 5 years!  But the pandemic through our wedding schedule and our globe trotting off by more than two years.  So on the trip around the world, we'll be celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary Vow renewal.  And just where on the planet will that be?

Wouldn't you like to know?

Stay Tuned!



Our 25th Wedding Vow renewal was at the top of the High Roller!
And officiated by Jerry Powell, AKA Constable Odo



Elvis gave Kristal away for our 20th Anniversary Vow Renewal at the Little White Wedding Chapel!




The Bridge of the Enterprise D was the site of our 15th Anniversary renewal
With a reception in Quarks afterward!



The Real Thing!  Married on December 18, 1990!
On a balcony at the Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World!