For the Love of
Star Trek

Is there anything more integrally tied to travel than Star Trek?  It's in the name for crying outloud!
We've been fans from it's very beginnings.  And along the way we've been so privileged to meet the actors & then make wonderful friendships!

On the left hand side are some of the many actors we've met.  And down the right hand are a smattering of the amazing Friends we've made.

Oh Captain, My Captain!


Klingons, Romulans & Vulcans, Oh My!


Dominic Keeting just spotted a fan in the crowd not wearing a bra!


Kristal had Paul's Vulcan Salute beaten that day!


Karl Urban saying, "Am I supposed to be McCoy or Judge Dredd right now"?


How does this end?  So Data & Kirk walk into a bar... ?


So Adam & Kirk walk into a bar... ?


Yes we Did!!!  Married by the Chief of Security on DS 9!


You "Think" this is Captain Archer.  But really Sam just leaped again!


Can you feel the Animal Attraction here?