Eternal Vagabonds
sans savoir pourquoi, ils disent toujours qu'il faut y aller

When you travel the world, sometimes you come across things that simply defy explanation.
And some have been known to look at that hard to describe thing and say... WTF?

In Lisbon, Portugal not only did they want you to know the lamb shank was fresh
They wanted pedestrians to know it was also fashionable (yes it's real)


The Canadian side of Niagara Falls - Burger King was afraid you wouldn't be able
to find their store?


Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.  Language says it all.


Pass by Bar - Beijing, China
We never actually saw anyone turn on the lamp


Melk, Austria - This is a poor man's coffin.  If you'll look carefully, it's made so that
if you couldn't afford a casket, they would loan you one.  As Pall Bearer's stood over
the burial spot, they would pull the lever.  The bottom would open and the corpse falls
into the plot.  The coffin is reset; and is ready for the next customer.


In Tijuana, Mexico Zebras were in short supply.
So they made one of their own out of a donkey


Amsterdam - If you're downtown and the urge strikes,
No need to head in doors, turns out they have spots outside & in plain view


Why is this in the WTF list?  We walked into TiJuana on the left side of the fence, which
you can't see through.  So, at the end of the day, while walking across
this bridge we get our first glimpse of the North Bound road back to the U.S.A.


Vienna, Austria - For the energetic among us, when sobriety just isn't an option?


U.S. Virgin Islands - It happens so often they needed a sign!