Dryfter & Solitude

We're at the very beginning of our RV years.  With only a few destinations under our belt, we are so excited about the many destinations presenting themselves across North America.

However, with those first way points and experiences, we have managed to cross much of Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia & Florida.

As it turned out, camping, for us, was not an occasional activity.  But it quickly became a part of our every week.  Time on either the Solitude or the Dryfter is blessed time indeed!

We spent the first year learning to hitch up and tow out. Looking as though we were wearing signs around our necks that said “Newbie”, we made our first white knuckled tow of the Solitude from Athens Alabama to Tuscumbia Alabama, a whopping 40 miles. But when you haven’t done it before, towing 16,000 lbs. down the highway, while being right at 50 feet long was a nail biting experience.

But we stayed after it. And soon we were towing to Tunica Mississippi; then it was on to Lynchburg Tennessee. There were several trips back to Tuscumbia for practice. And we capped off the year’s camping by towing all the way to Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World, with a couple of days in Tifton Georgia along the way.

We hunkered down for the Winter, learning to stay warm in an RV.

And with the Spring, we towed back to Tennessee for maintenance. Along the way we discovered Riverview RV Resort. Once the technicians turned the Solitude back over to us, we secured a permanent spot. So, our camp site now overlooks the Tennessee River (which had been one of the dreams for the rig).

Now we’re turning our attention towards the future. What will be the voyages of the Dryfter & the Solitude?

We’ve been looking at having launch points for multi-year missions. Once the coming total global voyage is complete, we’re thinking about moving the permanent camp to someplace like Oklahoma City.
Why Oklahoma? Because it touches Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. We would like to explore all of that territory, plus Nebraska (which is where we actually purchased the Solitude).

After that, we’re looking at being based in Salt Lake City, Utah. From there we would be able to adventure in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.
When all of that territory is conquered, we’ll call the RV Years Successful.

Now to turn dreams into reality! And we’ve got to cross Canada with the rig at some point!!!