Better Travel than Dead!
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Kristal and I have many passions in life.  But the drive to be the eternal Vagabond has probably more punctuated our character than any other aspect of life, aside from our Love for each other.  And so while lost in a Hu Tong, we chanced upon the Pass By Bar, which became our daily refuge for some weeks in 2008.

The moniker of the establishment was, "Better Travel than Dead".  It is enigmatic, compelling and while not entirely understood; it is entirely correct.  It is a short phrase which hides depth and causes one to ponder on far off way points in our never ending journey.

Our "home" is wherever we are together.  So we can be at home while on the road.  But everyone needs a place to collect thoughts and memories.  And so this digital age has afforded us the opportunity to create a digital home.  We hope you will explore our site, as we share those thoughts and memories with you.

We first encountered this motto in the Pass By Bar in Beijing during our travels of 2008. I was immediately enchanted with the concept.

Obviously, there are many things one could count as being “better than dead”. But travel is particularly dear to my heart and soul. I was born an adventurer, and love lacing up my shoes to go tromping around somewhere I’ve never been before.

To travel is to have a time when you can be truly free. It cuts the ties to ruts and routines that act as anchors in life. Those little things that are like a bit of death each day…travel shatters those binds and lets you live!

Keep on moving, keep on dreaming, keep on exploring, keep your eyes open wide and don’t miss a moment of this glorious journey!