Any discussion of my life has to include Kristal.  We got married in order to be together.  And 25 years after our first trip to the alter, there hasn't been a single day that I didn't want to spend with her.  I'm so glad to be acquainted with so many good people.  However, as we have always been known as "Scott & Kristal", I'm not sure if any of them would recognize Scott alone.  And so our journey is not mine or hers.  It's ours.  And it's a good one.


When you start out in life, you have so many dreams and so few accomplishments that any impediment seems large as it looms threateningly over your bright, shinning goals on the horizon.  I can remember feeling "prevented" by such impediments and how crestfallen I would be when the universe dangled a prize in front of my face only to whisk it away before I could stretch a finger to find purchase on it.


I view the world around us as a functioning program.  And I have come to recognize the variables and subroutines of the program for what they are.  The impediments which separate the establishment of a goal from accomplishment play a large role in establishing the value of the goal.  In essence and in most cases, the value of the goal is no less valuable than the effort required to overcome the impediments.


And that was a fancy way of saying, "If you want something in life, you've got to get out and work for it.  Because inaction does not breed accomplishment."


I'm so privileged to be living in an age where that process has played out time and again.  And I'm able to look back at a list of goals fulfilled and passions explored.  And yet there is so much more of the Undiscovered Country just out of reach, for which I must still strive.


Kristal and I ha